The Total Pet Spa® Mission and Philosophy

Dionne Innovations aims to become a leader within the pet industry by offering revolutionary products that are not only appreciated by pet parents but are also approved by pets. Providing methods of cleaning our pets, based on science, which are affordable, easy and fun for all to use, and which foster positive experiences for people and pets while cleaning our pets is our number one mission.


If cleaning pets is a positive and engaging experience for all, and can be kept simple, affordable, and easy, our pets, our families, and our homes will be clean and healthy. This approach reduces the allergens, dander, and germs that lead to illnesses in people and ongoing skin conditions for pets that require expensive veterinary services and overall discomfort. Our philosophy also includes informing all pet parents and families about why it is so important to keep our pets clean. Stay tuned to our web site and social media for continual updates and information and new products currently in development.


For me, Alicia Dionne, it all started when I adopted my first cocker spaniel, Daisy. Shortly after that, I continued to add to my family with Lily and Violet, in addition to our beautiful cat, Blossom. For obvious reasons, we ended up being called, “The Flower Family.” My daughter, Nikki, was no longer an only child and our family became complete. Our pets are our family! They’re such an integral part of our family that we want the best for them. They’ve inspired me to use my creativity to create The Total Pet Spa® Brand of Bath-Less Cleaning. With four pets in the house, I needed a method that was fast, fun, and the “Less Stress, Less Mess, Saves Time” motto of mine became a reality. The brand now includes the basic kit which travels easily and allows everyone in the family to help with daily grooming and touch ups along with a new de-shedding tool. The Total Pet Spa® has become a big success!

I had the good fortune to be featured on the Steve Harvey Show which allowed me to promote and demonstrate The Total Pet Spa® on The Home Shopping Network, HSN several times. We are on track to achieve our goals of revolutionizing this bath-less system of cleaning.

I’m proud to announce that I will be on HSN August 10, 2016, once again, to introduce our newest product: Häärology, The Science of Pet Hair, a de-shedding tool which works in conjunction with The Total Pet Spa® handle. Using Häärology to remove the club hair, tangles, and loose hair prior to using The Total Pet Spa® makes the cleaning that much more effective.

Thank you to all those who have made this journey with me. Keep following me on social media as our company is growing and we are eager to educate all pet families and revolutionize the way we keep our pets clean!