The Total Pet Spa® Bath-Less Cleaning Products

The Total Pet Spa® Brand was created with our first product, The Total Pet Spa®, Bath-Less Cleaning Kit. This product was designed in order to deal with all of the harmful bacteria and germs that our pets carry within their coat, skin, feet, under their tails, and around their mouths. We all know that bathing our pets every day, is not reasonable, because we don’t have the time and it’s not healthy for their skin. So we created a way to get all of those germs off of them without the stress and mess of a bath, and pets actually love the massage that they get when using this product.

The reason why many dogs, and even cats, start to smell bad is due to the buildup of bacteria, germs, dirt, dander, allergens, etc. And until now, there hasn’t been an effective option to remove them unless you give your pet a bath. There is a lot of research showing that all animals carry germs, and also carry certain bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi that can cause illnesses if transmitted to us. Humans can develop these illnesses if they come in contact with an animal’s waste, saliva, or dander.[i] Pets can pass diseases along to their owners.[ii]

In the laboratory testing that was performed to determine the efficacy using The Total Pet Spa®, Bath-Less Cleaning, we found that after using this product, there was no detection of bacteria or fungi. This means, that when used properly, 100% of the bacteria or fungi was removed. The dogs that were tested had been bathed six days prior to the test. During the test, we found that each dog’s coat contained over 51,000 CFU’s of bacteria and fungi. When comparing the bacteria on a public toilet seat, the dogs had 200% more bacteria on them.

How to Use It:

The Total Pet Spa®, Bath-Less Cleaning is so easy to use and pets love it! The Kit comes with a Brush Attachment and Handle that is to be used initially. The bristles are sturdy and designed to loosen up all of the dirt, germs, and even parasites, like ticks. The oil in their coat acts as a magnet so it is important to bring whatever is in your pet’s coat or on their skin up to the surface so that the cleansing is most effective. To clean your pet, attach the Cleaning Attachment to the Handle, then attach then Cleansing Pad to the device. When you begin using a Cleansing Pad, the tool allows you to brush your pet in all directions, especially against the hair growth. The soft bristles along the perimeter gently lifts the hair so that the Cleansing Pad makes contact on all sides of the hair. Under the Pad, there is a system of springs that automatically adjust to the contours of your pet’s body, making sure that you are able to clean all areas of your pet. When you notice that the Cleansing Pad is very dirty or dried out, you may remove it and use the other side to clean areas of your pet such as under their tails, in between their toes and feet, their ears, and their face. Be sure not to use dirty pads when cleaning new areas of your pet. Continue to use additional Cleansing Pads until you feel that you’ve cleaned all areas. Your pet will be clean, smell clean, and your home and family members will enjoy the difference!

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