Introducing: Häärology, The Science of Pet Hair!

Häärology, De-Shedding Tool - Works with The Total Pet Spa®!  This is a product that not only removes loose, shedding hair, but it also loosens and simply takes off any matting or tangles throughout your pet’s coat. It works on dogs and cats, of all breeds. It will soon be the best tool on the market.

Since shedding is a part of life when you are a pet parent, it’s important to choose tools that help keep your pet’s coat and health in tip-top shape and Häärology does just that! Häärology is designed to only remove the loose club hair without using blades that can damage the skin or coat. The bristles not only help to stimulate the production of natural oils, but they also serve the purpose of holding onto the loose hair that has been picked up while brushing. The stainless steel band along the perimeter of the tool contains notches where the loose club hairs get trapped. This tool is also designed to be able to brush the pet in all directions, especially against the hair growth in order to get at the undercoat. And what makes this process so easy, is that in order to remove the hair from the tool, all you have to do is push down on the center, red button, allowing the middle platform to rise. By simply doing that, it pushes the hair out of the notches and up to the surface. All of that hair that you just picked up can be removed in one piece, and it is just that simple.

Unlike other tools on the market, we took the approach of managing your pet’s coat by using Science. We’ve created a product that takes into account on what is really best in managing your pet’s coat. Some tools on the market may rip out hairs that are not quite ready to be shed, therefore causing damage to the hair follicle by initiating transverse cracks in the cuticle and damaging the cortex. Therefore, it can negatively impact the health of the coat. Also some tools may cause abrasion to both the skin and hair, by breaking the scale edges and create irregularities on the surface, which can decrease hair shine.[1]

Your pet’s coat is one of their most striking features and pet parents always want to keep their pet looking good. Unlike human hair where one follicle contains just one hair, for dogs, each hair follicle may contain up to 15 hairs.[2] Each follicle is in one of the three stages of hair growth; Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen.[3] That is why it is important to remove only the loose, “club hair” on a regular basis. You may see hair coming off of your pet every day, because it really is.

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