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Now Availabe at Participating Retailers!



Steve Harvey Show with Alicia image

In October 2013, Steve Harvey gave Alicia the chance of a lifetime...she got to pitch her new product, The Total Pet Spa® to the world. Impressed with Alicia's perseverance to make her product available for all, Steve surprised her with a mentor: the famous Joan Boyce of HSN who shared her story of what it took to be successful. With Steve and Joan behind her, Alicia has been able to bring her product to the HSN marketing board. Alicia and her team have worked hard since then and manufacturing and orders have taken off. Finally, families are able to enjoy keeping their pets and homes clean and healthy, free of the harmful allergens and debris that settle in our pets' coats, without the hassle of a messy bath. Watch for the Total Pet Spa® as Alicia hits the HSN airways for the 3rd time on May 5, 2015. The Total Pet Spa® is soon to be in Petco and Petsmart, and we are working to bring it to a retailer near you.

Be a part of the Bath-Less Revolution for pets! Be sure to call in to HSN on May 5th and
help make Alicia's this time on HSN andother sell-out!

Step-by-Step Instructions for Effective Bath-Less Cleaning using The Total Pet Spa®To Brush and To Clean
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Install Brush Attachment to Hand Grip

Start by attaching the brush to the hand grip by lining up both pieces; securely snap into place.

Loosen Embedded Dirt and Germs

In this step Alicia demonstrates how to brush your pet with The Total Pet Spa® Brush prior to cleaning. After you've attached the brush attachment to the handle you can start brushing. When you are brushing, you keep the device held in the downward position rather than using a traditional brush motion where you are letting go and only brushing in one direction. This is unique and it allows you to loosen all the dander and debris that is deeply embedded within your pet's coat. You will want to do this throughout the coat prior to cleaning so it allows for the proper penetration of the cleansing lotion in the next step. On some animals where their hair is long you can actually loosen any tangles very easily. When you are done brushing, press The Total Pet Spa® Elevated Paw Print on the device to detach the brush from the handle.

Attach Brush Image

Remove Brush Attachment

Press down on the Elevated Paw Print located on the hand grip to remove the Total Pet Spa® Brush Attachment.
Elevated Press Paw Print

Attach Cleansing Attachment to the Handle

To get started, on the cleansing attachment locate the notch, and on the handle locate the cutout. Line these two pieces up, and simply apply some pressure to snap into place. Wnen you are ready to clean you'll attach the pad and you'll clean your pet. When you are done cleaning, to remove the cleansing attachment you'll want to apply some pressure on the elevated paw print as you pull the cleansing attachment off.

Secure Cleansing Pad by Snapping into Place

In this step, Alicia shows how to secure The Total Pet Spa® Cleansing Pad onto the Cleansing Attachment after the Cleansing Attachment has already been attached to the handle.

First, locate the hinge at the top where the retaining ring is. Squeeze the two pieces together in order to pull the retaining ring forward. Now, take out a cleansing pad and locate the hinge at the bottom. Take the cleansing pad and make sure it is tucked underneath the hinge on the bottom such that it is lined up and centered with the notch that's cut out at the top. Make sure that you can still see a portion of the arrow. This is very important.

As you go to close the retaining ring, apply pressure on the bottom, as shown, and as you close the top, it will snap right into place.

Cleaning Your Pet
Pad adjusts to the contours of your pet's body while thoroughly cleaning

In this step, Alicia shows how to clean your pet. After attaching the cleansing pad, and you are ready to go, you may start cleaning. Simply keep the device in the downward position and hold it down and rub it back and forth and in all directions. It's not like the brushing motion where you are only going in one direction and lifting. You can actually keep the brush down in both directions. As you are doing that the soft bristles are gently lifting the hair and allowing the pad to make contact throughout the body all the way down to the skin. In some areas you will want to lighten the pressure, and in other areas you can apply more pressure. Do this throughout the entire body. You will want to check the pad every so often to see if it's either dried out or full of dirt. When you are finished cleaning or you are ready to replace the pad, you'll want to locate the latch, squeeze the two pieces together, and remove the pad. And then you are done cleaning with The Total Pet Spa®!

Why Choose the The Total Pet Spa®
Our patented products and bath-less cleansing system are specifically designed for the benefits of pets and owners. The Total Pet Spa is a complete pet cleaning product line that uses no water or soap, but is still able to achieve fantastic results of odor-free, dirt-free, silky-smooth hair, and a cleanliness feel.
Our signature brush handle and cleansing attachment are durable and made to last. Our cleansing pads are Made in the USA, are safe, gentle, lightly-scented and purely natural.
Choose the Total Pet Spa® to keep your pet clean and healthy in between regular grooming. Your pets will love being massaged while being cleaned, your home will be cleaner, your family will be happier, and every body wins!

Our Product is Expanding!
The Total Pet Spa is only a prelude of many innovative pet products to come. We are in the process of designing a series of different attachments with specific functionality (de-shedding, elimination of ticks and fleas, and more) making pet care easier, cost effective, and fun for you and your pets.